Empowerment & Beauty and The Power of Photography


As a woman, it is important to feel strong, self-confident, and beautiful.

When Beauty Became a Bad Word

Somehow over the last few years, going out of your way to look beautiful is being touted by some as anti-feminist, giving into stereo types instead of breaking free of outdated gender “molds”.


When did a woman feeling and looking beautiful become faux pas? When did beauty become a bad word?


Beauty and Empowerment

It is the opinion of many women that beauty is not synonymous with a self-defeating purpose, giving into outdated gender roles. Beauty is not a bad word.

Beauty is inner-strength.

Beauty is self-confidence.

Beauty is independence.

It is our goal at Lenka Jones Photography to instill those feelings of beauty and strength in you. It is our mission to empower you through the embrace of womanhood. The embrace of your femininity.

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Modern Women’s Portraiture

The portrait of a modern woman revolves around the strength of inner and outer beauty. Our eyes reflect the victories over our hardships, and our smile mirrors our perseverance and dedication.

The portrait of a modern woman captures the essence of beauty. It immortalizes it, embraces it, and places front and center to be acknowledged, appreciated, and adored. 

The portrait of a modern woman is more than a photograph. It is a symbol of allure, grace, and womanhood. You’ll receive a full makeover to bring out and accentuate your true beauty before going in front of the camera. A moment will be frozen in time, illustrating and displaying your beauty to behold.

The lens will only capture what is already there; a refined you, the best version of you –

the real you.

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